International Belly Dance Instructor & Performer

​​​Irina Eshta​

Belly Dance is a term commonly used to describe a variety of Middle Eastern dance styles, including Raqs Sharqi (Arabic for “Oriental Dance”), Raqs Assaya (Arabic for “Cane Dance”), Raqs Baladi (Arabic for Dance of Country”), and more. 

​Irina was first introduced to the art of belly dancing during her trip to Egypt in 2002 and has been infatuated with this art form ever since. She saw a belly dancer on the stage of her hotel and was captivated by her ability to transform the beauty of the oriental music into the fluidity and grace of her body movements, express the emotional nuances of the song through her gestures and facial expressions, and let the energy of the song flow seamlessly through her body. That was also the first time Irina belly danced on a stage: the dancer picked her from the crowd of admirers to finish the dance together.